The Discovery of the Curried Sausage

As a humble peace offering for our long lasting silence we bring you - what else? - Fast Food. German fast food that is. And therein lies part of our excuse. The girls enjoyed some time at their second home in Hamburg, Germany. Despite all the culinary joys of farmers markets, fresh local food, and fantastic daily preparations of edible delights, we did not manage to find the keyboard. We did not share any of it. And of all the food we delved into we managed to grab, on a last second inspiration, a bottle of processed, albeit organic, "Curry Ketchup". The kids happened to get a kick out of it. Or, that is, out of the famed "Curry Wurst" or curried sausage.
And this is how it looks (we recreated it with these tiny "bratwurst" sausages from Trader Joe's, which are really close in taste):

"WHAAAT??", You will ask and you shall. You see, the curried sausage is one of the many sausages you can grab for a pittance and on the go, on the street, from a booth. This one is  a pork sausage, often sliced up and drenched in a curry-infused ketchup and garnished with red curry powder. Although there are your real spicy varieties, the curry is mostly on the mild side.
There is one more item of importance. Berliners have a bee in their bonnet about laying claim to the curried sausage's origin. Herta Heuwer, they say, came up with it from scrounging together the ingredients from various sources after the Second World War, while resources were scarce and bellies were hungry. However, as Uwe Timm points out and invested an entire novel on, which, as should be mentioned turned into a feature length motion picture of quite some acclaim, the Curry Wurst really originated from a centuries old market place, the Gro├čneumarkt, in the heart of HAMBURG. There. Eat it. And yes. Please do. It's delicious and probably not very healthy.