Burgers, Tomatoes, and Corn On The Cob

It all started with  us stopping by the local farmers-market-store, the Peachtree Market.

We were just going to buy a few tomatoes and Lily ended up loading up on these scrumptious looking cobs of corn. So we decided to grab a few other things, including ground beef from Creekside Farms; all local, free roaming, grass-fed, no-hormone induced meat.

Back in our kitchen we mixed up these few things for hamburger patties.

The half of a pepper, 3 green onions, and 2 cloves of garlic we chopped up and softened a bit in a little olive oil.

The 5 slices of stale bread we zipped up into crumbs with a food processor.

We added the veggies and most of the bread to the pound of ground beef, with 1 egg, a handful of parsley, a teaspoon each of salt, pepper, cumin, and ground coriander seed, and a dash of red pepper spice. We added enough bread crumbs for the mixture to be moist but not runny.

We used more bread crumbs to cover the patties and stuck them into the fridge until we were ready to cook.

We freed the corn from all their husks, but left the stems on. The stems were perfect for holding the cobs while eating.

Next we turned our attention to 2 big beefy tomatoes. We sliced them up and tucked in a few slices of feta cheese, drizzled the whole thing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and 1 sliced green onion, and topped it off with a bit of salt and pepper.
Next we got a big pot of water going and turned on the grill.

As soon as the grill was nice and hot Lily placed the burgers on it.

She turned them a couple of times to keep the moisture inside the meat.

We chucked the corn into the boiling water for just a few minutes. It didn't matter that they did not quite fit. The steam took care of the tops. We quickly got some plates and prepared a few items for the burgers, namely 1 avocadolettuce, and whole wheat burger buns (those we stuck in the oven for a few minutes to get them warm and a little crunchier).

Look at it. All home grown, healthy, yummy food for a lovely summer cookout. The corn was so tasty it did not need any butter or salt. The burgers, too, were absolutely happy without any other condiments. Good times.