Yup - Sauerkraut

Okay. So just to verify that yes, indeed, we come with German heritage to the stove, here now a dish with sauerkraut. And good and tasty it was.

We began this affair with starting a pot of water to boil 1 pound of ziti pasta and cutting up 6 slices of bacon.

We fried up the bacon nice and golden in some olive oil.

Meanwhile we halved one huge onion and sliced it into quarter strips.

We also drained 500 g of store bought sauerkraut.

The onions we added to the bacon and

fried them for another couple of minutes.

When it was all browned we removed it from the pan for later.

With some extra olive oil we fried up the sauerkraut for a few minutes

and then added a pat of butter and 1 tablespoon of sugar and got the sauerkraut browned a bit.

Lastly we added the bacon and onions back in, 100 ml of veggie broth, 200 ml of cream, and brought it all to a boil.

Then we made a mad dash outside to get a bit of parsley from our small garden. 

Just in time to drain the pasta. We added the sauerkraut sauce to the pasta, salt, pepper, and some of the cooking water we had reserved. To serve we added the parsley and caraway seeds. Those caraway seeds added just the perfect touch.

It was absolutely delicious The original recipe for this one we found in a cookbook from the German master Tim Mรคlzer. Guten Appetit!