Beans and Mashers

This turned out to be quite a lovely dish for a warm spring day in the Carolinas. We got two pots of water going and prepared a whole bunch of potatoes to boil in one of them; for mashed potatoes. Basically we cooked taters and mashed them up. (Here, though is the more extensive how-to-do including cream, butter, salt , and nutmeg).

Then we concentrated on the beans. We washed about 600g of green beans, cut the ends off and halved them.

Then we boiled them in the hot water for just about three minutes before we drained them.

Then we cut up 8 strips of bacon and fried them up all nice and crunchy.

In the meantime we drained 1 can of cannellini beans and diced up half a big onion and a handful of parsley,

We added a pat of butter to the bacon and

the onion and let it all melt for another three minutes.

Then we added the beans to warm them up and added a bit of salt and pepper.

That was it. Nice and easy. All this goodness was finally served with the parsley. It all in all took just 30 minutes.