The Kaiser's Schmarrn

The story goes that the fantastically beautiful Austrian Empress "Sissi" had the royal cook concoct all kinds of dishes to keep her figure in check.  Emperor Franz Josef would scoff at his wife's culinary machinations. When he laid eyes on the dish below he was said to have uttered "What kind of Nonsense is this now?" Or "Schmarrn". Then he dug in and declared it his absolute favorite.
And thus, ever since, the good people of Austria and Germany eat the Emperor's Nonsense - Kaiserschmarrn.

This is here was our version. We mixed up in one bowl 1 cup of flowera little vanilla extract, a little salt, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 cup of milk, and the yolk of 1 egg. In  a separate bowl we whisked the egg white.

Until it was all frothy. Then we carefully worked it into the batter.

Now we just had to melt a chunk of butter,

toss in the goodness and constantly stir it to get small little clumps.

We served it properly with some powdered sugar. We are with Emperor Franz Josef on this one. Just yummy. 

We all doctored it up differently. One of us added a ton of sugar, another grape jelly, and Lucy - well zany Lucy declared she was making a pancake burrito by rolling up a German Pancake that was also being served and filling it with the Kaiserschmarrn and Nutella. She ate it all up and loved it. An Austrian-German mash-up in the US american South.