Veggies and Cream

We did today what people do back home in Germany as an excuse for cooking; heat something up and drown it in heavy cream.

But first we got a batch of whole grain rice going. Cause it takes about 40 minutes or so. For it we just warmed a bit of butter and some garlic. When it was smelling good we added  twice as much water as rice, 3 cups, and a little salt.

When the water was boiling we added the whole grain rice, 1.5 cups. We covered it up, waited for it to boil back up, stirred it, and lowered our gas cook top to the lowest setting. When we were done with the veggies all the water was absorbed and the rice ready to go.

And then we basically cut up a whole bunch of veggies and warmed then up. We just tried to play with the timing to coax out a bunch of flavor, but keep a lot of stuff crunchy. Lily did most of the cutting and cooking tonight (while munching on a cucumber and cheese).

We started with garlic, onion, and celery. About 15 minutes and very slow. 

We tried out this thing with the zucchini. We cut it up and sprinkled it with lots of salt to draw its water out. Shortly before adding it, we washed it off. 

Green pepper for maybe 10 minutes.

Zucchini for maybe 5 minutes. Then we added the heavy cream.

Brought it to a boil. Salt and pepper and thyme. Then the broccoli for about a minute or two.

We had no left overs!