Spinach Pasta

This has got to be the mother of all soul foods.  It took but 30 minutes to get ready and fed the girls some spinach. No tricks! The bowl was licked clean.

We started with cooking 1 and a half pounds of fettuccini. Then we sliced 2 cloves of garlic and warmed them up with some olive oil, a whack of butter and half a grated nutmeg

We washed and cut up 400g of spinach and tossed it in with the garlic. 

When it was all wilted down and tasting delicious we added some parmesan cheese, 150g of mascarpone, and a bit of cream. 

At last we added the pasta and a few ladles of cooking water. Salt and pepper. Yum!

Lena brought out napkins for this one. The sauce was dripping down our chins and nobody complained.
(The basis for this bad boy came out of Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Dinners.)