Potatoes and Dogs

This took 45 minutes, just so that the potatoes could cook properly. Plenty of time to chop up a quick salad in the meantime.

We started by cutting up 1 big onion and 1.4kg yellow potatoes.

Then Lucy melted 2 tbls of butter.

Adding the onion, cooking on medium till they were a bit glassy. We tossed in the pototoes and after a short while 500ml vegetable broth. We cooked it 15 minutes with the lid on, 10 minutes without, added 2tsp majoran, and cooked it 5 minutes more.

In the meantime we tossed a medley of sausages into a frying pan.

A quick chopped salad.

And when the potatoes were done cooking we added salt, pepper, fresh parsley and 4 tbls white wine vinegar.

Superb. The origins for the potato recipe came from a Tim Mälzer dish out of e&T für jeden Tag.