Broccoli Pasta

This was a quick and easy dish for a weekday.

We started by boiling a pot of small pasta, 16 ounces worth, chopping off the florets of 4 heads of broccoli,

and steaming the florets in a shallow bed of water until they were tender.

We set them aside and sautéed 4 cloves of garlic and a generous pinch of chili flakes in a bit of olive oil.

In the meantime we chopped up 2 anchovies. We added them, the steamed broccoli, salt and pepper, and 2 cups of veggie broth to the garlic.

We brought it all to a simmer and worked it for about fifteen minutes until all the broccoli was melted down and had turned into a thick slightly coarse sauce. 

We added it to the pasta and adjusted the sauce to just the right silkiness with a little pasta water. A little freshly grated Parmesan on top and that was it. Yum!