Buckwheat Miso Soup

This makes you look like an expert chef and there is nothing to it. It took maybe 40 minutes of lazy cooking.

A buckwheat miso soup. Absolutely scrumptious.

We diced up half a big onion and

sautéed it in a little sesame oil together with a grated knob of fresh ginger and

3 tablespoons of miso (a store bought concentrated mixture).

We minced 2 cloves of garlic and sliced up a handful of shiitake mushrooms.

We added them to the onion for a few minutes. And then followed them up with a quart of water and one quart of vegetable broth. We turned up the heat, brought it to a boil, and

added 5 eggs. (When you pierce a small hole on the round side of an egg, where the air bubble is, it i less likely to crack.)

We boiled them in the simmering soup for exactly 7 minutes so that they were fully cooked with a soft yolk, slightly on the runny side.

When they came out we dumped the eggs in an ice bath for a minute, took the shells off, and halved them lengthwise.

We added one half cup of uncooked buckwheat groats and one sliced carrot to the soup and continued to simmer the soup until the buckwheat was soft. (If you want to save 10 minutes on cooking time you can do this before adding the eggs, but it gets quite messy when you retrieve them.)

In the meantime we sliced up 3 leaves of bok choy and 2 green onions. We added them to the simmering soup for 5 minutes. Then we stirred in 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar and a little salt and pepper.

That was it. Each bowl of soup we served received two egg halves. An absolute winner. A soup with an umami punch.