Chicken Fried Rice

Okay. If you need to feed the troops. And it's Thursday night and you just don't care anymore, you do this. Chicken Fried Rice. Since we have one or two self-proclaimed vegetarians banging their forks on the table, we keep the chicken separate. But if you like to get all the good gristle in there, keep it together and use one frying pan.

Here is last Thursday's version.

First we got 1 cup of rice cooking, fried up a few boneless chicken thighs in a little bit of olive oil and with a good bit of salt and pepper, and

sliced and chopped up 2 carrots and half a big onion.

Next we sautéed the carrots for a good six minutes or so.

When the chicken was done and nice and crispy on the outside we pulled it apart with two forks.

We added the onions to the carrots for a few minutes and

then 1 drained can of corn and 2 handfuls of frozen peas.

Lastly came the fun part. We added the rice and placed 3 eggs in the center.

We stirred the eggs into all the goodness until it was all over, clinging to every last spec of rice and veggie. We added a little salt, pepper, oregano, and soy sauce to round it all up.

Voila! The chicken people added chicken to their delight. And we all dug in. Let's just say there were no leftovers.