Ravioli with Cheese Home Made

As half of our eaters declared themselves Vegetarians we have extended our palate. This is a variation of our previous recipe: Ravioli Bolognese Home Made. We used the same ingredients and steps to make the dough, form the pasta, and cook a sauce.

We used 3 cups of Tipo 00 flour, 1/2 cup of fine semolina flour, 12 egg yolks, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 4 tablespoons of cold water for the dough.
For the sauce we used 4 cloves of garlic, just a little pinch of chili pepper, and 42 ounces of canned plum tomatoes.
On the plate we added basil leaves and freshly grated Parmesan.

But here is our stab at the cheese filling. And - oh my- was it tasty!

First we chopped up a handful of basil.

Then we cut a Mozzarella ball into small little cubes. There were plenty left to nibble.

In a bowl we mixed 15 ounces of Ricotta cheese, 3 handfuls of Parmesan Cheese, pepper, salt, and the basil.

And then we rolled out the dough and formed the Ravioli just as before. With each dollop of cheese mixture we chucked in a cube of Mozzarella.

We learned some more since last time. For instance:
  • Use plenty of extra flour on the working surface.
  • Don't make the dough too dry.
  • Step down on the pasta thickness in smaller increments.
  • And the prongs of a fork work nicely to crimp the edges
And just because we had such fun: