Stir & Fry

Not knowing what our two guest girls, Emery and Claire (in the middle and on the left), would eat or thumb their noses at, we decided to all cook together. The hope was that working on it would make it easier chomping on it. An easy 20 minute stir fry was our best hope. To be on the safe side we got a small pot of salted water going for corkscrew pasta. In advance Papa had cut up 3 pork chops, 1 red pepper, and 1 green pepper into bite size chunks. There were also a couple of handfuls of trimmed sugar snap peas and 2 minced cloves of garlic.

The girls were completely stoked and ready to get cracking after quick decisive encouragement from Lily.

We began by cranking up the heat underneath a large pan and adding a couple gluggs of olive oil. Everybody got a turn. Then we chucked in the meat (Claire: "Afterwards, wash your hands. Raw meat has a lot of bacteria, Emery."). We stirred it and fried it till it looked good. While we watched the meat, we nibbled on the veggies. (After washing our hands.)

Then we added the lot to the meat and fired it for another five minutes or so. We touched it up with a little salt and soy sauce. We kept nibbling to ensure the perfect extraction point. The same with the pasta. We fished out a few pieces and let everybody declare them perfect before removing them from the stove and through the sieve.

That was it. Nice and easy and super fun. And a big success. Everybody had seconds, some thirds, and Claire announced: "I really don't like cooked veggies, but these are so juicy! (Chomp)!"