Camembert and Ziti

This came from the pages of Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Food Revolution. An easy 30 minutes of cooking that makes you think you are hanging out in the Provence somewhere. (As a matter of fact this asked for such a lazy prep time, we probably should've cracked open a bottle of wine while cooking ... and fruit juice for the girls.)

For starters we turned our oven to 350F. Then we opened a 8 oz box of Camembert, unwrapped the cheese and placed it back into the bottom container. Then we sliced off the top and loaded it up with 2 sliced cloves of garlicleaves of 1 stick of rosemarypepper, and olive oil.

We filled a pot with salted water for 1 lb of Ziti pasta, turned on the heat, and stuck the cheese into the oven on a baking tray for 25 minutes.

Now there was a lot of time left with not much to do. All we had to contend with was washing about 6oz of spinach leaves, and grating 5 handfuls of Parmesan.

When the pasta was done we added the spinach for a quick bath, just about ten seconds or so.

We drained the pasta and spinach, catching some of the cooking water. Then we added most of the Parmesan, keeping some for the table fun. We added back a little of the cooking water to thin this thing out a bit.

Last but not least we rescued the Camembert.  Look at it. That's about as much fun as it gets.

We added the cheese to the pasta, and

Voila! It was delicious.