Kale Pesto and Pasta

We opened to page 274 of Charlotte's food blogger Lisa Leake's book 100 Days of Real Food, incidentally the name of her blog, and started cooking.(we apologize for any substitutions or irregularities we mixed into the affair, her original recipe is much better).

It was by the by a 30 minutes worth of easy preparation. We started with getting a pot of linguine going (here is a link to our steadfast rules to cooking pasta). While that was settled we scrounged up 2 handful of kale, 1 handful of basil leaves, 3 cloves of garlic, a small handful of pecan nuts, and 1 handful of freshly shredded Parmesan cheese,

All that we whizzed up in a food processor with a few gluggs of olive oil.

That's when we stuck a finger into the pesto and licked it off - Whooooa! nothing but jam-packed tastes and shudders down the spine. Delicious.

When we chugged the pasta in the boiling water we melted 2 chunks of butter and added a 3/4 cup of heavy cream and thickened it up for just about five minutes. Then we  mixed in the pesto and added it all to the drained pasta. We made sure to reserve some cooking water and to add a ladle worth of it to the dish to keep it all silky.

Since we had such a mellow time preparing it all, we chopped up a quick salad with avocado, small yellow and red tomatoes, juice of a lemon, red wine vinegar and salt and pepper,

And then we dug in. It was an instant hit. Thank you Lisa for the great inspiration.