Easy Camping

We took a spin to the Carolina beaches with our tent, swim suits, and food. South Carolina has a string of gorgeous state parks along the shore fully equipped with campgrounds, small stores and fire pits for each site. We chose Hunting Island south of Beaufort. It had the whole deal. You know. Crawling out of your tent on a pleasant morning looking at the surf rolling in.
So, on the first night we made a fire and grilled stuff on it as one should, right? We tried a medley of sausages and hot-dogs on the griddle over the pit. The kicker, though, were our cobs of corn. We left them in their husks and grilled them whole.

The result was amazing. We think that the husks protected all the juices and left the corn all yummy and soft. They also protected the kernels from burning. And the taste was intense. A sort of corn-flavor induced corn. Next time we'll double up on them. An absolute winner.

For a little freshness we cut up a few cucumbers and peppers to nibble on.
That was it. Easy, fun, yummy, and healthy. We are planing to collect more ideas for easy campsite foods. For the next trip.