An All Green Orzo Risotto

This was a total winner. Everybody loved it. And best of all it was a 30 minutes of easy cooking.
We started by placing two pots on the stove. One with 1.5 liter of veggie broth and the other with water. While we waited for those to cook we washed and cut up a big bushel of green asparagus, keeping the tips separate. We cut the tips and halved 2 handfuls of green beans, found a small bag of frozen peas, and scavenged for a handful of fresh parsley and mint in our garden.

When the broth was boiling we added 1 pound of orzo pasta and started grating a good pile of Parmesan cheese.
Then we added the beans and asparagus stalks to the boiling water. After about two minutes or so, when they started to slightly soften, we

added the asparagus tips and frozen peas. We let them all warm up for another minute or so, always testing for what seemed to be the perfect point of crunchy softness.

The broth by then had all been absorbed by the pasta. We drained the greens and mixed them with the orzo, a couple good chunks of butter, a good couple handfuls of the cheese and some of the mint and parsley, which we had chopped. A little salt and pepper and we were ready to sharpen our forks.

Everybody fine-tuned their plates with extra cheese, mint, parsley, and seasoning.