Crazy Asparagus with Egg Noodles

This pan of asparagus did a funny dance for us tonight. It went something like this:

While we got a pot of egg noodles going we took that pan and softened half a big onion and 1 stick of celery, all chopped up in a bit of olive oil.

Then we added 1 zucchini and the stems of 1 bundle of green asparagus , also chopped, (the tips we saved) and coaxed out some of the yummy flavors without making it all wilt.

We tossed in 1 handful if basil. Just for a split second to smell all the goodness.

We added a good bit of vegetable broth, maybe 400 ml or so and got it to a simmer.

Just as things seamed barely soft enough and still fresh we tossed the lot into a bowl and whizzed it all up into a creamy sauce.

Back in the pan we melted 2 minced cloves of garlic and then added the sauce back in.

When the pasts was just about ready we added the asparagus tips for a minute or so to the boiling water.
We reserved some of the cooking water and when we mixed up the pasta, sauce, and asparagus, we added a ladle or too of it.

Voila!  Did you see that? If you blinked you might have missed it.