Ulla's Brötchen - Breakfast Rolls

This is a variation on the girls' late Oma's breakfast rolls. We had to experiment with the dry yeast a bit to get them right. Back in Germany she would use chunks of active yeast. But we think we got it close.
When the rolls were done and we cut one open and slathered it full with creamy honey, Lena exclaimed: "It even smells like Germany".
This now is the most basic version. I am sure we are going to have a few more experiments in the near future.

We mixed up 250 ml buttermilk, 500 ml warm water, 1 tbls sugar, and 2 packages of dry yeast.

Lucy stirred it all up till it started to foam a little.

Lena got 1 kg flour measured out (next time we will use whole wheat, Mama says, like Oma did, and since "we are a whole wheat family" she proclaimed). Lena also added 1 tablespoon of salt.

Then Lena added the liquid.

Next Lucy plaid with the mud, mixing it all up.

First it stuck all fun on all her digits.

But eventually she started to form a doughy kind of mess.

After a while we got what felt like a good consistency. More on the moist side. But as soon as it got too sticky we added a little flower. We kneaded it for about 3 to 5 minutes at that point.
We placed the dough back into the bowl and covered it with a damp towel. Now came the most essential part, we think.  We needed to get the dough to rise properly. So we warmed the oven just a tad and placed the bowl in it for 1 hour. Occasionally we checked back in and turned the oven back on at the lowest temperature for a few seconds to keep a nice warmth around the dough.

When it had risen to a good gooey pile, we formed the roles on a tray. About a child's fist size. They worked better actually on a parchment paper unlike this picture.

We stuck them in the oven for 25 minutes at a preheated 375 degrees.

They came out picture perfect.