Pulled Pork

We gave a pulled pork slow cooker recipe from the blog 100 Days of Real Food a try. And it was yummy. Our apologies for a few changes. We had to adjust it a little to fit our pantry, purse, and palate. I hope we weren't too sacrilegious. Especially since we have no measuring stick as far as pulled pork is concerned. Nor for a slow cooker for that matter. As it was all the yummy flavors were wafting through the house for the entire day, making us continuously hungry.

For the marinade we mixed up 2 tbls salt, 1 tbls paprika spice, 1 tbls pepper, thyme leaves, and 2 minced clove of garlic.

Then we added about half a cup of honey, a quarter cup of  red wine vinegar, and a couple glugs of olive oil and stirred it all up.

We cut up a big onion into chunks and tossed about half of it into a slow cooker.

We placed the first half of 2 pounds of pork chops  on top of the onions and smothered it in the marinade. (The recipe calls for pork shoulder, but we got a good deal on the happy pig chops and went for it.)

Then we repeated the procedure for a second layer, turned the slow cooker on low, placed the lid on top, and waited for eight hours.

Half an hour before dinner time, we chopped up some veggies for a salad. Since dinner was about ready and we didn't have anything better to do we added the vinegarette to the lettuce and dished up everything else seperately, so everybody could create their own perfect picky salad. (chopped salad).

We also mixed up a little bit of butter with parsley, tarragon, thyme, chopped onion, salt and pepper.

To serve we pulled the pork apart with a fork, warmed up some crusty bread, and offered the salad and herb butter. We tip our hats to  100 Days of Real Food. The food was scrumptious. The girls loved the pork. It was Mama's pick. Thanks. We'll try it again.