Pasta Veggie Ragout

Not half bad for thirty minutes of leisurely cooking.  We found this in a German Tim Mälzer magazine.

While getting a pot of wide egg noodles going we chopped up 2 celery sticks, 2 carrots, and half a big onion,

warmed up a chunk of butter,

and sautéd the hole mess.

Then we plugged some thyme leaves,

added them to the veggies, as well as 2 tbls of flour, salt, and pepper.

After the flour cooked in a bit we added about a glass of white wine

After the alcohol got all cooked off,

we added a good bit if heavy cream, and about 2 cups of vegetable broth.
We cooked the ragout until the pasta was done, maybe 10 minutes.
At the very end we chopped up a handful of parsley and added it to the veggies with the pasta and some reserved cooking water. Voila!