Pasta and Peppers

This gotta be up there on the Olymp of soul food. Try to stop eating. We dare you. This we learned to make from Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Dinners.

First we sliced up 2 red peppers and 2 yellow peppers

and tossed them in a pan with a little olive oilsalt, and pepper. We placed a lid on them and cooked them ever so slowly for 15 minutes. It was impressive how much tasty fragrance they produced like that.

Meanwhile we started a pot of water for cooking rigatoni pasta, sliced a red onion,

and added it to the mix. We continued the slow heating process for another 20 minutes.

This gave us plenty of time to slice a couple cloves of garlic, plug the leaves off a handful of parsley, and finely slice the stalks.

After a total of 35 minutes we cranked up the heat and added the garlic and parsley stalks, tossing them about for a short while.

Then we added a couple gluggs of red wine vinegar and let it sizzle away.

We turned the heat back down and added a little bit of freshly grated parmesan cheese and a couple chunks of mascarpone cheese.

When the rigatoni were done we tossed them with the veggies, some reserved cooking water from the pasta, and the parsley leaves.