Mama Pasta #3

We cobbled together another Mama Pasta version (Mama Pasta, Mama Pasta #2). This one is basically a Spaghetti Bolognese.

While we got the pasta going we fried up a pound of happy cow beef from a local farm in some olive oil with some salt and pepper.

Meanwhile we chopped up some veggies; half a red onion, two carrots, two sticks of celery, an orange pepper, and some garlic.

When the meat was all cooked up, we took it out and sauted the veggies in the bits of the meat with more oil.

When the veggies were smelling yummy we added about a glass of red wine and cooked out the alcohol. Then we added a few leftover tomatoes and a big can of whole tomatoes.

Shortly before the pasta was done, we whizzed up the veggies with a blender and added the meat. Everybody is happy.