Lintels and Dogs

Oooh, we had to whip this together in no time and it behaved quite well. 

First we threw about 250g of lintels in a pot, submerged them by a good bit with water and cranked on the heat. Then we added a couple pieces of smashed garlic, and

fresh thyme. Within 30 minutes they were done. In the meantime we cooked a small pot of a medley-left-over-pasta.

Then we saut├ęd half a diced red onion before adding a whole bunch of good sliced hot dogs (no artificial flavores, nitrates ... ect). We lighty fried them for 15 minutes, adding some water in between, not to char any of it.

Then we added some broccoli florets to the lintels for just a few minutes, before we tossed it all and some basil leaves together.