German Christmas Cookies

We got the oven warm today for some holiday cookies.
We mixed up 500g of flour, 1 egg, 250g of sugar, a tsp of baking powder, a bit of vanilla extract, and 250g butter. Yes 250g of butter. No liquid.

Lily worked the dough until

we were able to form a ball.

We rolled out a portion and kept the rest refrigerated till we needed it.

Then we stenciled out the cookies.

Over and over again.

A lot of them.

Till the last piece was used.

We baked them at 350F for about 17 minutes a tray. Till they started to turn golden.

After they cooled a bit, we mixed up juice from a few lemons and powder sugar for the icing. We also added some food coloring for a few batches (In case the Foodbabe sees this, Whole Food Market for one has nonlethal food coloring).