Bacon and Eggs - The Only Way How

We began the weekend with our yummy bacon and eggs. These puppies started with the girls' grandfather back in Germany.

We got all our ingredients ready for this one, so as not to interrupt the reverence while cooking:
Eggs, chopped up rosemary, olive oil, chopped up bacon, salt, pepper, and for the sweet note some chopped up red pepper (we also use tomatoes, if we have them, instead).  

We heated the oil and tossed in some of the rosemary to get a burst of good flavores in our nostrils right away. Then we fried up the bacon and the peppers. As the juices were forming in the pan and churning in our stomaches, we seasoned the mix with a bit of salt and pepper and more rosemary. As everything started to look good we carefully placed the eggs on top. A bit more rosemary. A short wait till done. And we started the weekend in style.

Oooooh, yummy. Lena could down a half dozen of these if we let her.