Cauliflower Mac

We made our stand in killer Mac and Cheese today that originally made its way into our kitchen from Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Food Revolution..

We brought a pot of water to boil and added 1 lb of pasta, salt, and one chopped head of cauliflower.

Then we placed a glass bowl on top as a lid with 8oz of cheddar cheese, and a couple handful of parmesan. In the meantime we turned on the oven to "broil".

When the cheese started to melt, we added enough heavy cream to get it a bit runny.

Some parsley and pepper.

Then we drained the pasta and cauliflower, keeping some cooking water. We tossed it into a baking dish, mixed in the cheese, and added some cooking water. Then we stuffed the whole lot into the oven for a crusty top.

While the Mac and Cheese was in the oven we prepared a quick salad (see below).