V-Egg-etables, yay!

We are licking our chops with this delicious and easy 1-2-3 summer dinner. Here we go.

First we chopped up some small red tomatoes into bite size pieces, covered them with water and a half tablespoon of salt, brought them to a boil, and let them simmer for about 10-15 minutes. We stuck a fork in one to test.

Then we halved and sliced 2 leeks, discarding all hardy dark green parts and tons of dirt hiding between the layers.

We picked a good couple of tablespoons worth of thyme leaves.

Sliced half a head of savoy cabbage.

And cut off the hardy ends of 2 bushels of green asparagus.

Next we sautéed in olive oil over medium heat - "1" - the leek with a little salt and a few dried chili flakes ...

and stuck our nose in it. Oh my!! For 5 minutes. Then - "2" - the cabbage for 5 more minutes. And lastly - "3' - the asparagus for another 5 minutes.

For the finishing touch we dropped 5 eggs on top, covered them with a lid, waited a few minutes, and served.

Voila. A shout out to Jamie Oliver's magazine for this wonderful dish. Happy forks all around.