North Carolina Trout with Kohlrabi

The kohlrabi we have found around here tends to be on the  small side and often a little tough around the edges. We were careful to find all the wooden strands and corners and made sure to cut them off. We peeled and sliced 4 of them.

In the meantime we started a pot of water with salt and 3 pounds of potatoes, peeled and cut, to boil them for 15 minutes until soft.

Along with the kohlrabi we also sliced a bushel of asparagus, cutting the tough ends off.

Then we melted a chunk of butter

sauteed the kohlrabi for a few minutres, added about four tablespoons of water, covered the pot, and gently cooked them for 15 minutes.

Then we added the asparagus with salt and pepper for another five minutes

We salted 2 trout filets and

fried them for  just a few minutes from both sides in a little olive oil. We got the fish from a local market store, the Peachtree Market. It had been caught a day earlier not far from us.

When the potatoes were done we added a good bid of butter and cream, as well as freshly grated nutmeg and mashed it all up.