We had jotted down "lintels" for today and found the lintels. But not the recipe. So we forged ahead. This now is the world premier of TGLF's first truly original recipe:

First we saut├ęd half a big yellow onion in a good bit of olive oil for a few minutes. Then we added 2 minced cloves of garlic, a little cumin, and just a pinch of red pepper. After just a minute we added 1 liter of vegetable broth, 2 bay leaves, and a chunk of tomato paste.
When it was all boiling we added a 3/4 cup of green lintels and simmered them for 45 minutes.
While we were waiting we cooked a pot of assorted left over pasta.
At the end we added to the lintels 1 small can of diced tomatoes, a dash of balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper. We served pasta and lintels mixed together with some chopped fresh parsley. Voila.

It tasted rather yummy. (We will be incommunicado for a short while, as we are busy throwing out all our cookbooks. :) )