Let's call it "Wholesome Quinoa Chicken Soup"

For an easy Sunday dinner we turned to The Runner's World Cookbook and decided to chop up most of the ingredients first. There was half a big yellow onion, two carrotstwo cloves of garlic, two sticks of celery, a handful of mushrooms, and one pound of boneless chicken thighs.

Lucy started with heating the carrots and onions in a bit of olive oil for about five minutes.

Then we added the meat for a few minutes till it was starting to be cooked and then added the remaining veggies for another five minutes and seasoned it all with salt and pepper.

While that was going we plugged a few leaves of thyme. Then we added them together with 1 quart of chicken broth, a 3/4 cup of quinoa, and one cup of water to the pot. After a while we checked and adjusted the seasoning to taste.

To serve we chopped up a small handful of parsley leaves, draped ourselves with some napkins, sharpened the spoons, and let all that goodness warm our bones. This one was a keeper.