Leek and Gnocchi

A pot of water we got going to boil 1 lb of gnocchi for just a few minutes, based on the cooking instructions.

Next we cut up 6 sticks of leek. First lengthwise, carefully washing all dirt off in between the leaves, and then chopping off the roots and hardy dark green ends.

Then we sliced it all up into a pile of various shades of green.

In a little olive oil we tossed a few slices of chopped up bacon to get them nice and crisp.

2 table spoons of coarse mustard.

The Leek for but a minute or two.

1 cup of creme fraiche. And then the darling gnocchi with a little of the cooking water to keep it all loose and runny.

Bam! For the adventures type we offered shredded parmesan.