Worm in a Hill - Lena's Birthday Sleep Over Party Dinner

Lena wanted to make this dish to serve her sisters and four friends for her birthday party and sleep over. There weren't very keen at first to eat worms.

For "Flowers" we sliced up a big load of carrots and lightly fried them in butter and a little salt. When they started to soften we added 3 tbls of sugar and ground coriander seeds to taste.

To shape the "hill" we boiled with 1 tbls of salt a medium pot worth of potatoes that we had peeled and cut into chunks. When they were done, we smashed them up and added about 4 tbls of butter and a carton of heavy cream enough to make the mashed potatoes all smooth.

We fried up the "worms".

For "bushes" we got a pot of water to boil and tossed in a bunch of broccoli for just a minute. Then we coated them we the juice of 1 lemon.
For "grass" we chucked 2 bags of frozen peas into another pot of salted boiling water till they were soft.

When everything was ready we prepared seven plates with a hill and worm working its way through and a lovely garden arrangement all around. Landscape Architecture 101.

(2 girls politely nibbled around the edges, 1 pushed the whole plate aside, 2 girls dug in with curiosity, and Lena chomped away, beaming from cheek to cheek.)