Pot Roast in Chunks - Easy Boeuf Bourguignon

We turned to Waverly and  Peace and Love in the Kitchen today for some peace and love on the dinner table. She came up with a great pot roast like dish that is easy to serve. We cut down on the amount a bit to suite our family of five and unfortunately didn't have any brandy at hand, but we think we managed well nonetheless.

We turned the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and browned in our large oven-ready pot about a pound and a half of happy cow beef chunks in olive oil in three shifts to get the pieces nice and crunchy looking and all tasty.

After we removed all the browned meat we seasoned it with some salt and pepper.

Then we added more olive oil and half a big onion and 2 leeks, cut into small slices, and softened them for about eight minutes, loosening all the yummy goodness from the meat, stuck to the bottom of the pot.

Then we added about 1 pound worth of carrots and turnips that we had cut up into small chunks.

After tossing all that about for a short bit and cranking up the heat, we poured in about 1 glass of red wine and let it simmer away.

Then we added  enough vegetable broth to just barely cover the meat, 1 tablespoon of tomato paste and some plugged and chopped up rosemary and thyme leaves. We brought it to a boil and

stuck the pot into the oven for 2 1/2 hours. Halfway through we added some more broth to keep the level of liquid up.

It turned out absolutely delicious. We served it up with some bread and a quick chopped salad.
Lily gave it one thumb up. There was a fascinating sweetness to the dish. We all loved it. Thanks a bunch.