Peas Pasta

Bam! That was a whole bunch of yummy in 30 minutes. Lily was all over it, cooking it up.

First she got a pot of water going with a good bit of sea salt.

Then she cut up some bacon,

melted a chunk of butter, and fried up the bacon.

When the water was boiling she added a package and a half of bowtie pasta, got them all cooked up and drained, saving the water.

In the meantime she added cream to the fried bacon and when the pasta was almost done, she added a small package of frozen peas. The trick was to just warm them. Too long or they would have resembled raisins.

She added the juice of a lemon.

Tossed in some grated parmesan. A bit of pepper. And then several ladles of the pasta water to get it all nice and creamy, almost runny. A hungry girl's dream.

That's Lily's thumb ...

and her picture.

The recipe came originally from a Jamie Oliver dish out one of his cook books. No telling which one.