Mama Pasta

This is the best dish ever for the last day of the week. Everybody is tired and hungry and just wants to eat pasta. We have no idea why we call it Mama Pasta anymore or where its origins might come from. It's also ideal because we get to clean out our fridge with this one. Anything goes. This time we just did the most basic version. It took but 30 minutes. As long as the spaghetti needed to cook, really.

First things first, we got a pot of pasta going. And then we chopped up all the veggies we could find. Onion, celery, carrots, orange pepper, and garlic. We tossed the whole lot into a bit of olive oil and cooked it for a while. Until it smelled like vegetable broth in the whole kitchen.

Then we added our leftover tomatoes.

Since we didn't have too many left we added a big can of whole tomatoes.

Then. The most important part. Lena munched on some cheese while we waited.

Just before the pasta was done, Lily whized up the tomatoes. We fine tuned the lot with some salt and pepper. Lily kept testing the pasta till it was perfectly al dente.

Some parmesan and we were ready to digg in.